Friday, December 11, 2015

Circle Letter 11/20/15

Dear Families,
            Wow, what a wonderful turn out for our Grandparent luncheon.  There were over 100 visiting grandparents!  And a big shout out to Jackie and the kitchen staff who prepared the luncheon and clean up… without a working dishwasher.  Yikes!
            It has been a fun week filled with many opportunities for small group work. In math we continue working on different 3 digit addition and subtraction problems, as well as data, graphing and analyzing results.  I am observing that some students are not fluent (automatic) with their basic facts. We continue (occasionally) to do math games and activities to help practice the facts.  It would be great if your kiddo would practice both addition and multiplication facts and/or play math games over Thanksgiving break. Look in red folder for suggestions… and remember the Everyday Math on-line games.  There are some good ones.
            This week in writing students are sharing their final copies of Personal Narratives!  It has been wonderful to listen to each story and receive positive feedback from the audience.  And lucky you…!  The stories are coming home for you to hear too.  Please fill out the comment sheet that is included and afterwards return both story and response to put into student portfolio.    Our next writing unit is persuasive writing. This will be a great opportunity to grow opinions and beliefs .

            We are also wrapping up our study of the human body.  After a fairly in-depth study of the digestive system, this week we broke up into small group research teams to learn about another body system.  Each team presented their findings to the class.  Get the scoop from your kiddo.  And… Happy Thanksgiving to you all.   I hope the food will be delicious and plentiful !