Thursday, April 28, 2016

Circle Letter 4/28/16

April 28, 2016
Dear Families,
         Welcome back families!  Hoping it was a great spring vacation. We have hit the ground running this week.  Wow – I don’t recall such a fast paced week –not ever!  We have had Kathleen and Richard, special guests from Boston’s Museum of Science, with us all week capturing us on film as we grappled with new vocabulary terms, data collection and analysis and biomedical engineering concepts. Thursday was the big culminating hands-on design project day – I sure hope you have heard all about it by now.  Knee braces were imagined, planned, created, designed, and then tested… to discover where and why the design needed to be improved upon. All in one afternoon… imagine that! This weeklong experience has been wonderful – and I think many of our students have great potential at a thriving and creative engineer career.  Truly.
         It has also been wonderful having the Native American dioramas trickle in a few at a time.  We really love how individual and creative each project is.  Also of great intrigue are what materials students used and how the things were made. When each student shares, the village scene comes to life as information pours out, whether it is on the tribe or the ingenuity and clever construction.  Well-done students!  (Thank you parents for the home support on this project) We look forward to seeing the remaining dioramas next week.
         We also visited Native American cave dwellings in art this week and got to try some cave paintings too.  Get the scoop from you kiddo!!

         Lastly, please sign the permission slip to Bowl-o-Rama, sponsored by Ms Torr.  This is a fun (and free…!) grade 3 excursion that is intended to build upon a life long love of this inclusive sport!