Friday, December 11, 2015

Circle Letter 11/13/15

Dear Families,
 Happy Friday the 13th…!  Although not generally suspicious of things we, as a class, are on the look out for any unusual-out-of –the-normal happenings for today.  We shall keep you posted.
It was a real treat to have a mid-week Veteran’s Day break.  It has certainly made for a fast week… but also a productive one!  Especially during writer’s workshop time.  I am so pleased to share that all of our writer’s have now begun typing the final draft of their personal narrative.  Everyone has gone through most of the stages of writing: drafting, drafting and drafting… revising, editing, revising some more, crafting a catchy lead and a clever ending…!  Wow, it’s a lot of work and time and effort.  Watching each writer take pride in one of the last stages of writing…. typing… is quite meaningful. Big round of applause to our writers!  
It has also been an interesting week with our math work.  As you have seen from the home links, we are working on multi digit addition and subtraction. EveryDay Math teaches a variety of methods. (Perhaps your student had to teach you a method…) I encourage our students to try all of the methods being introduced.  However, in the end rest assure, that each student will choose the methods that work best for him or her.  We will continue this work into next week.

And a shout out to Ginnifer and Evin, who were selected to be “Color Guards” at the Veteran’s Day recognition on Monday morning.  The morning was beautifully sunny and crisp, as we all gathered in our front circle to pay tribute to Veterans. Looking ahead, we have a full week together before the Thanksgiving holiday.  And FYI: Book Orders are due next week…!