Friday, November 6, 2015

Circle Letter 11/06/2015

November 6, 2015

         Dear Families,
               Happy November… (already?!) We started our week with some voting and a little discussion about the voting process.  Our vote was focused around preserving land in town for wildlife or developing it for families to build new energy efficient homes. It prompted interesting conversations…! Check in to see what won.
         Another thing that has prompted interesting conversation is a read aloud called The Secrets of the Stomach.  The book taught us many things about how the stomach works… and how scientists made their observations and claims hundreds of years ago before advanced technology helped to answer questions.  Be sure to talk further with your child to learn more…!  On Thursday students met in small groups to ponder why our stomach acid that digests our foods doesn’t also digest our stomach walls.  Interesting question… Gosh, the human body is an amazing system.
And our read aloud Danny, The Champion of the World is certainly coming to a climax.  Thursday’s reading revealed just why Danny is considered a champion… and yet the story is not over.  We are wondering if Roald Dahl has any surprises up his sleeves as we head towards the ending of the book.
And our writer’s are heading towards the conclusion of their second personal narrative drafting.  Soon we will use the laptops to type a final copy.  (big undertaking…!) Next week we will need typing help...!  Interested… and available?  Send Ms. Lantz an e.mail!

       Lastly, we will “kick off” Veteran’s Day with a recognition assembly Monday morning. It is a great opportunity to see how many Mitchell students come from military families. Lots and lots…!  FYI: No school Wednesday! 11/11