Thursday, February 26, 2015

Circle Letter 02/26/15

February 26, 2015
Dear Families,
         It was great to see the kids after our February break and hear about how they spent their time in our epic snowy landscape. Our courtyard is something else with snow mounds galore as high as the window tops.  Swing by and check it out if you are in the building.
            We have picked up where we left off with lots of our studies.  The information book each student is writing is continues with good gusto!  There is a lot of talk and work this week on introductions, glossaries and text features to support our information.  In computer lab many students got to type a chapter or two of their book.  Also we continue with our vehicle design and study of force and motion.  In fact Mr. Foster happened upon us in the hallway yesterday doing an investigation and captured our work on film.  I believe he posted it on the Mitchell School Face Book page if you are curious.  Sammy B. wowed him with Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of motion J. 
            We are into our second unit of multiplication with unit 7… find the Math Reflex login and password information in your kiddo’s red folder.  This is a great way to get kids practicing their math facts.  Please help with testing through card games or math fact quizzes your child every so often. It really makes a difference.
            There has been a lot of excitement over our new Book Groups during reading time. There are some great books being read and shared by our class of readers.  Get the scoop.  Also we are enjoying a new read aloud, Ruby Holler, by a favorite author of mine, Sharon Creech.

            Our bowling field trip is next Friday.  Thanks to Ms. Torr for organizing this free event for the whole Grade 3.  If you are interested in bowling with us please send word.  We still have a few spaces open.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Circle Letter 02/06/15

February 6th, 2015
Dear Families,
         We have been so impressed with the biography poster presentations.  The written “book reports” have been very interesting and informative.  The mini-movies are creative and colorful. And the “quotable quotes” have really gotten us thinking!  As each student presents we pay attention to similar traits and characteristics of other famous people who have come before.  It seems as though courage, leadership and being first are common themes.  Well done to our biography readers!  And of course thanks for the help from you at home.
         How did it get to be time to talk about Valentine’s Day already?   Time goes by quickly…! We would love to have a Pajama Day Valentine Card Exchange Party on February 12th.   Decorative cards and small sweet treats are welcomed and encouraged.  Please find the enclosed list of class names to help when making the cards.  In addition, maybe just one batch of homemade cookies (we are 20 now!) would make for a great party.  Please contact me directly if interested.  And as always, thanks in advance.
         We hope you like the colorful symmetry design included in the letter.  Who knew math could be so colorful and creative J

         Lastly, please note there is no school on Friday 2/13.  This will be our last family letter until after our February break.  I wish you a great week off from school, red folders and homework.  Enjoy the time with your family.                                               
Best Regards,