Friday, January 23, 2015

Circle Letter 01/23/15

January 23, 2015
Dear Families,
         What a great and super fast week together with the kids!  Our days have been filled up with many varied and rich activities.  Our new writing unit is Information Writing.  Students will share their knowledge and expertise on a self-selected topic.  Right now we are busy crafting the structure of the Information Books. Kids have been thinking about the organization for each chapter.  It is exciting work.
            In Math, Unit 6 has us exploring geometry… lines and rays, angles and polygons.  Lots of new vocabulary that goes along with this unit…       b-e-w-a-r-e!  Sometimes it feels like we are learning a whole new language. 
            Our biography unit has picked up momentum as well.  Kids are working on finishing their books and doing some on-line research of their famous person as well.  Thursday during computer time we worked on searching for biography pictures…  for the Biography Poster Home/School project.  You’ll get a first hand glimpse of the posters next week.
            Yesterday we finished our read aloud book, Because of Winn Dixie.  Ask your kiddo what they thought of it.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it, I have plenty of copies and would be happy to lend them out.  It is a beautiful read.
            The 2nd Annual Great Kindness Challenge is next week.  And although we have such a kind and caring class all the time… next week we will spend time each day emphasizing how acts of kindness maters.  Book Orders are coming home today.  If you are interested in ordering, one check made out to Scholastic is preferred.  If you could hand orders in Monday, that would be great.

            Thanks for all the home support each day.  Enjoy the weekend!