Friday, January 16, 2015

Circle Letter 01/16/15

January 16, 2015
Dear Families,
    We have been looking forward to our Writer’s Share on Friday morning and have been practicing presenting to an audience and reading with good expression. All week we have taken time to hear our fellow writers and we have had good practice speaking into a microphone.  We are excited to have so many of you come in and want to thank you for making the time! Also thank you for all the wholesome goodies…, which makes it a real celebration J
    Our study of the Digestive System this week has really offered great inquiry and observation, as well as a few things to munch on.  Always fun to eat in the name of science! We have focused on mouth and esophagus… get the scoop from your kiddo.
    And we have officially begun our biography study with our non- fiction narrative genre study.  At this point most students have selected one. Please consider stopping by our Rice Public Library this weekend and check out the kids’ biography section.  It’s a good one!  Our focus will move beyond dates and basic facts as we read.  Rather we will try to understand the person’s character traits and what helped him/her prevail; also teasing out obstacles and difficulties that the person faced perhaps due to the time period that person grew up in; and lastly who was influential in this person’s life to help him/her succeed.

     Our cursive practice continues, slow but steady.  You might consider writing a sentence in cursive for your kiddo to practice reading in the Family Letter! Our read aloud book, Because of Winn Dixie, is a highlight after lunch.  Each chapter is like a beautifully crafted personal narrative with endearing characters and connections. Find out more from your child.                Have a great MLK three-day weekend…