Thursday, January 28, 2016

Circle Letter 01/28/16

January 28, 2016
Dear Families,
      Another full and busy week together.  And a great focus on the
5-2-1-0 healthy lifestyle program this week.  The week started with “jovial” life sized vegetables and fruits (Jack and Delia!!)  greeting us off the bus on Monday morning! And great job to our kitchen staff for focusing on healthy food choices each day. 
       The biography posters have been a great home and school project.  We all have enjoyed watch the progress over the course of the week and hearing kids share interesting bits of information about their famous person… names like Leonardo DiVinci, Genghis Khan, Ferdinand Magellan, Elvis Presley, Hope Solo, Albert Einstein… and of course Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr just to name a few.  It is interesting when connections can be made from one person to another, like the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. Next week we will build our “hall of fame” in the hallway after short presentations from each researcher.
       We have been having a persuasive writing share this week because all of our writers’ have finished their writing.  Big round of applause to all of our writers!  And lucky you, families… the final drafts are coming home today for you to hear (and perhaps be persuaded…J)  Please make time to listen and respond on the family share paper over the weekend.  Afterwards could you help remind your kiddo to bring back the writing so we can put it into the portfolio.  Thank you for your help with this.
       On Thursday we had a presentation and short puppet show about Safe and Non Safe Touch.  Check in with your child and have them tell you the gist of  it. An important message was reviewed…

Lastly, just a reminder that next Wednesday is an early release.  Thanks for all the home support each day.                          Warm regards~