Friday, January 22, 2016

Circle Letter 01/22/16

January 22, 2016
Dear Families,
      What a great and super fast week together with the kids!  Our days have been filled up with many varied and rich activities.  Our persuasive writing unit is on a fast track at this point.  Thank you to the much needed (and appreciated!) parent help for typing student drafts.  Many will be close to finishing with just a bit of fine-tuning at this point.  Our next writing unit is Information Writing.  Students will share their knowledge and expertise on a self-selected topic.  Stay tuned!
       In Math, Unit 5 has us exploring fractionswe have been using color-coded fractional parts to help understand basic concepts and extend and push our thinking.  This will continue next week.
       Our biography unit has picked up momentum as well.  Kids are finishing their in class biography books and will be doing some on-line research and picture searching of their famous person as well. You’ll get a first hand glimpse of the biography posters each student is working on next week.
       Also yesterday we finished our read aloud book, Hoot.  Ask your kiddo what they thought of it.  In the end… good prevailed over bad and we learned that just one person, even a kid, can make a difference in this world.  A good message for all of us to remember.
       Book Orders are coming home today.  If you are interested in ordering, one check made out to Scholastic is preferred.  If you could hand orders in by Monday or Tuesday that would be great.
Lastly, a big shout out to our School Board presenters at Tuesday night’s meeting.  They did a super fabulous public speaking job.  Woohoo…!
       Thanks for all the home support each day. 

Enjoy the weekend!