Friday, September 25, 2015

Circle Letter 9/25/15

September 25, 2015

Dear Families,
       It’s been a great week together! Our daily morning writing workshop has really taken off.  This is a class that likes to write and story tell.  In this first unit of writing the focus is on writing true small moment stories. or Personal Narratives. This week we have been practicing using dialogue, as well as noticing the difference between just reporting out information and rich and vivid story telling.  Mentor books have been helping to demonstrate the sort of writing we are after.  It’s hard!
       Be on the lookout each week (Mondays) for a new list of Spelling Words. The words are taken from the previous Friday Spelling Review. It is up to each student to practice mastering the spelling words using the Word Work Menu for ideas.  If a student has only a few or no spelling words to practice that week then content related Vocabulary Words will come home.   Parents please help out with quizzing them on the words and/or doing creative word games.  It makes a big difference.  Thanks in advance for the yearlong support.
            This week has been Maine Harvest Week for our lunch program.  Our class helped out the kitchen workers on Monday by husking locally grown corn for the whole school to enjoy at lunch. Wow… that’s a lot of corn! Also our class did morning announcements all week…! FunJ  Get the scoop from your kiddo. And we are getting very good with our class and school fire drill procedures when the loud, attention-getting alarm goes off. Lots of practice this week.
            Upcoming dates to remember:  Picture Day is next Thursday and Fall Parent/Teacher conference dates are 10/21 and 10/27.  I’ll have an on-line sign up for conferences in October. 

            Enjoy the weekend with your family…!      Best regards~