Thursday, September 10, 2015

Circle Letter 9/10/15

September, 10 2015

Dear Families,
Greetings and welcome officially to Third Grade! It has been a really nice start to the school year as we get to know our new classmates and new classroom routines.  The kids get an A for effort with their welcoming spirits and eagerness to make new classmate friends. Yes, it promises to be a wonderful year of learning.
This is the format of a weekly letter called the Circle Letter.  Each Friday I will write to you highlighting the week’s events and informing you on upcoming activities.  Your child will also write a letter to you about school topics.  Each weekend please set aside some time to write a letter back to your child in the notebook.  Your child will then start the school week reading a personal (and sweet!) letter from you.  This is a year long activity that I hope you will discover becomes quite meaningful and informative. Your participation in this is critical and I would like to thank you in advance for your support.
                          A few initial bits of information….
1) The red home –school folder will come home each night and should be returned each morning.  Thank you for helping to build good habits with this routine right from the start.
          2) Inside the home-school folder will be a weekly assignment sheet and homework for the week.  Typically, there is nightly reading, math and word work assignments.  I try to hand out most homework on Mondays/Wednesdays to help with time management at home.  We will slowly ease into homework beginning next week. 
3) Our special schedule is the following:
Monday- Art,   Tuesday –Library,  Wednesday – P.E,  Thursday- Computer,    Friday – Music
         4) We have a morning snack at 10:30 after a morning fresh air break.  It is important to have some healthy hearty food as lunch is not until 1:05.  Snack milk is also available for purchase.
         We are off to a great start.  I look forward to an exciting year together.  If you should want to contact me, my e.mail is: or call the school at 439-1707.                          

                           Best Regards~