Friday, March 27, 2015

Circle Letter 03/26/15

March 26, 2015
Dear Families,
          A big round of applause goes out to our information writers!  Most everyone has finished their books… and they are being shared here in the classroom before they make their way home. Wow, the finished products are fabulous and creative, interesting… and of course informative.   In computer lab we tried out making “wordles” relating to our books.  Don’t know what a wordle is…?  Ask your kiddo!
         Conferences have officially started this week.  In preparation, during class time, we have been organizing and placing work evidence and work samples into the portfolio.  The portfolio will come home at conference time, along with the report card for your viewing.  Just as a reminder, the portfolio is intended to showcase work samples and give life and meaning to the report card.  We sure hope you enjoy looking through it with your child. 
         In math we have moved on to unit 8… Fractions.   This is the perfect unit to follow the multiplication/division unit 7.  There is a strong overlap with division when working with fractions or dividing parts of a whole into fractional parts.  Need-less-to-say, continued multiplication/division fact practice is a good idea. 
         In our thematic studies we are officially beginning our unit on Native Americans.  This will focus on different regions, different tribes and their cultures before European settlers came to America.

         Lastly, this week we have been watching a Bald Eagle live streaming of two fledglings that are being cared for and fed by their mother Eagle.  The site link is on the Mitchell School home page for those that would like to view it with their kids.  It is totally fascinating!