Friday, March 6, 2015

Circle Letter 03/06/15

March 5, 2015

Dear Families,
         What a great day for us here at Mitchell School! With a Bowl-O-Rama field trip in the morning all is good! Be sure to get the details from your kiddo.  Thank you to our wonderful chaperones that joined us this morning.  You were fabulous score keepers and sideline coaches.  J
         And more good stuff is in store for next week!  Mitchell School’s 25th annual Arts Fair, funded by our awesome PTA, is next week.  This year our third graders will have the opportunity to try “African Drumming and Dance” and prepare a live performance for you on Thursday Night, March 12th  at 6:30 and again for the school on Friday. It sounds wonderful and promises to be a great experience for all our students.
         A couple of housekeeping matters for the students participating in the residency. 1. Students should wear loose, comfortable fitting clothing and sneakers everyday next week. 2. For our performances we are asking the students to display the colors of Guinea. We want the students to dress colorfully in either a BRIGHT, RED GREEN OR YELLOW shirt. Please contact Mr. Foster directly if you need assistance with a shirt.
       Lastly, our annual Kittery Live Talent Show is underway.  Performers are getting ready and so is the PTA.  Each year the third grade is asked to donate items for a grade 3 raffle basket.  Our theme this year is Grilling is a Ball.  If you could please contribute an item or two to fit the “theme” it would be greatly appreciated.  Our PTA counts on us for support!

            A really wonderful and varied week together.