Friday, October 24, 2014

Circle Letter 10/24/14

October 24, 2014

Dear Families,
         Wow what a crazy and wet weather week it has been!  Curiously enough, we also have just started our Weather Unit for Theme work.
         In our math class we have been reviewing and practicing three digit addition and subtraction methods.  If you noticed your kiddo struggling on math home links, I suggest you make up a few math problems to practice for the next several days.  (ex: 654 – 499)  It will benefit them in the long run.  We have moved on to Unit 3, which focuses on linear measurement.  Good idea to have a ruler available with both inch and centimeter for upcoming math homework.  Another thing to practice could be measuring things to the nearest ½ in.  Thanks for the support.
         Our class is knee deep in the writing process. All students are drafting their second personal narrative.  They are developing leads, working with “showing not telling” and adding dialogue. In addition they have been sharing and getting feedback from their writing partners. Well done to our student writers.
         During our computer time on Thursday students were introduced to Type to Learn, which is an interactive typing program to help kids practice key boarding skills. Our character study in reading is now underway and we have the pleasure of reading Matilda by Roald Dahl together for our class character book study.  This author sure does entertain! J

         Our first round of conferences begins next week.  Please find your reminder slip if we are to meet next week.  And lastly, next Friday morning we are having our grade level Fall Festival. Thank you in advance for supporting this event by volunteering or contributing a small pumpkin or two.  Enjoy the weekend!