Friday, October 17, 2014

Circle Letter 10/17/14

October 17, 2014
               Dear Families,
Wow… two 4-day weeks back to back make the school days all the more busy trying squeeze it all in. This week in math we have focused on three digit addition and subtraction, with regrouping.  These are just plain hard concepts until they become mastered.  Thank you for the continued home support with checking math homework and understanding.
          We have just finished our first read aloud book, Poppy.  The conclusion was loaded with action and cleverly solved the problem.   Get the scoop from your child.  Read aloud offers great opportunity for whole class book discussions, predictions, wonderings, questioning ideas or character motives… all great skills that can be transferred to students’ own reading and books.  Monday we will begin our Character Unit Study.  I’d like to set up a few small book groups during this unit, where the readers read alone but discuss their books’ characters together.  If you are interested and can commit to 4 -5 Thursdays in a row at 1:30… please reach out!  Sophie’s Dad is already on board which is wonderful. Thanks in advance for considering this…
     Our Earth and Geography study is on its last bend withvour focus on map skills.  We have been looking at and designing maps in class and now each student is asked to do the same at home. The maps should be brought in on Monday. And we hope you like the enclosed Earth Simile poem!                                    Written and typed by your child!
     Lastly, our first round of parent/teacher conferences is coming up.  I’ll send home a reminder of your time.  We only have 15 minutes to talk so please come on time with your questions, observations and concerns.  Looking forward to it…                   In the meantime, enjoy the weekend