Friday, March 11, 2016

Circle Letter 03/11/16

March 11, 2016
Dear Families,
         Let’s give it up for our Funk to Junk music and dance performers!!  Woo-hoo! J  News from Art Week 2016!  Sure hope you enjoyed the Junk to Funk Performance last night.  Thank you to so many for coming!  It was a great - standing room only - turn out.  I hope that you have heard a lot about the experience over the course of the week.  Boy, it has been wonderful.  Jeff, our Junk to Funk drumming and dance teacher is super hip and cool… while being totally calm and respectful.  All students really respond well to his teaching style.    He has been patient and encouraging, informative and interesting as we learn new rhythms, body and dance moves.  And believe us… it is harder than it looks! Be sure to get the scoop from your kiddo this afternoon about how the school performance went.  We think the Mitchell community will love it!
                  We also had a special treat on Thursday afternoon with a live performance from the spectacular Shapleigh Jazz Band.  They were fantastic!  Lots of different instruments, beats, melodies and rhythms.  It is such fun for the teachers to see former Mitchell School students playing for us.  Who knows… maybe in a few years your child will be playing for us too.   Joining band in fifth grade is a great experience and one that can continue through high school years and beyond.
         And of course, none of this could be possible without our wonderful PTA who funds The Annual Mitchell School Arts Fair Week.  A big shout out to them and all they do to support our kiddos!

            Just some house keeping news: Our Spring Conferences are quickly approaching.  Thank you for signing up on-line.        Enjoy the weekend~