Thursday, February 25, 2016

Circle Letter 02/25/16

February 25, 2016
Dear Families,
         Welcome back everyone! Great to see the kids after our February break.  It was an easy transition back as we have been able to continue much of the work right where we left off.  We have been building vehicles and exploring with weight and force to see how it effects movement in our Forces and Motion unit. This week we have been exploring the concept of stored energy found in rubber bands twisted around the rear axle.  The results are interesting and each engineering team has had good success.  Be sure to get more details from your vehicle designer… a.k.a.- your kiddo!
         Unit 6 math has us reviewing three digit subtraction rules with trade first.  It also has students immersed in multiplication fact practice through a variety of skill based games and activities.  Students are making progress.  It would be very helpful if you committed to working with your child over the next few weeks to master the lingering basic facts 0 -10.  Thank you in advance for your support with this.
         Student information books are coming along nicely during writing workshop.  This week we have focused on writing several “chapters” as well as do some research on the Internet. Next week we will continue with this as well as begin some final draft pages with “text features” that support the text.  Stay tuned!

         We got to have our second book buddy share with our first graders on Wednesday.  On Thursday we had dental hygienist students give a healthy tooth talk presentation.  And Friday afternoon we get to see the Harlem Rockets Basketball players “wow” us with their skills.    A good week …  I’d say J!                                                                    Warm Regards,