Friday, October 16, 2015

Circle Letter 10/16/15

October 16, 2015
               Dear Families,
Wow… two 4-day weeks back to back make the school days all the more busy trying squeeze it all in!  And, we also dropped everything Wednesday morning as we were treated to a fabulous school assembly called  Food Play… great performing and music as well as important information about the foods we eat.  Be sure to get the scoop from your child, if you haven’t already…!
              Last week we finished our first read aloud book, Poppy.  The conclusion was loaded with action and wrapped up the lingering conflicts well.  (Again, get the scoop from your kiddo…)  Read aloud offers great opportunity for whole class book discussions, predictions, wonderings, questioning ideas and character motives… all great skills that can be transferred directly to students’ own reading and books.  This week we began our “Character Unit” studies.  Our focus will be stepping into the “shoes” of the main characters to better understand their motives and thinking.  Our new read aloud, Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl, will lend a hand with this work as well.  And a big round of applause goes to our writers this week… students continue to work on their personal narratives  many are finishing up first draft as others are beginning to revise and elaborate upon “the heart of the story.”  Good work… hard work too!

       Lastly, as most of you know, our fall parent/teacher conferences are coming up. Thank you for signing up on-line. We only have about 15 minutes to conference so please come prepared with your questions, observations and curiosity….!