Thursday, May 28, 2015

Circle Letter 05/07/15

May 7th, 2015
Dear Families,
       Wow, kudos to our student test takers.  It was been one long arduous week of challenging tough questions and essay responses.  Our students have shown great focus, grit, and perseverance all week long.  I hope you have had a chance to hear first hand about the test format.  Our class has really stuck with it!  Well done.
       Round two will be math all next week.  Our test taking schedule stays the same, which we found really disrupts the regular flow and rhythms of the day.  Perhaps you noticed that with the lighter homework this week.  The kids celebrated this fact and saw it as a “silver lining” perhaps to the Smarter Balance.
 And the sugarless gum was a life saver!  Something to look forward to during testing.  And so another…Alert request from the class… more packages of sugarless gum and mints during test taking time for next week. Thanks! Be sure to continue checking in with your child about the testing through out the week.  Also supportive encouragement and praise will go along way.                    
       Also it has been wonderful having the Native American dioramas trickle in a few at a time.  We really love how individual and creative each project is.  Also of great intrigue is what items people used from their own homes or yard to put into their scene. When each student presents the village scene comes to life and lots of information pours out, whether it is on the Native American tribe or the ingenuity and clever construction.  Well-done students!  Hopefully this weekend will allow enough time for others to finish up their projects.  We look forward to seeing the remaining dioramas next week.

                     Enjoy the weekend~